Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Lady on the Street, but a Freak in the ... 24-Hour Shaw's

Herewith are the steps to make the staff at a 24-hour Shaw's Supermarket hate their jobs, lives, next door neighbor's cats, etc:
Step #1: Pick up closest NYC girlfriends from South Station for one of the better weekends on record.
Step #2: Bring said friends back to your apartment for a cheese plate spread and several seasonal craft beers (Post Road Pumpkin, Sierra Nevada Tumbler, etc).
Step #3: Go out to Shay's in Harvard Square, get drunk, get hit on by a man with a pony tail and a fanny pack, stumble 1 mile towards home, witness friend pee in alley, have said friend recount tale of strange man watching her pee.
Step #4: Arrive at Shaw's.
Step #5: Split up, best to divide and conquer. Hear friends yelling all over the store, including one friend harass a man in a sea green shirt asking where the Ruffles are, he insists he does not work there, she couldn't care less and tells him she's simply looking for sympathy (AND Ruffles), watch same friend try to "level" with our check-out girl "Sarah" and let her know she "gets it" and also something about "the man", watch other two friends bicker about the color of the various onion dips and how they look "too grey".
Step #6: Arrive back at apartment and collectively consume: 2 large frozen pizzas, at least 1 pound (of the 3 purchased) of Peanut Butter M&Ms, entire can of onion dip, one half bag of Ruffles Potato Chips.

Please note: steps 3 and 5 are VITAL.

Friday, August 27, 2010

(Werewolf Bar Mitzvah) Spooky Scary

I know it’s not even September yet, but I’m already getting really excited about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday! I love autumn, anything pumpkin and most importantly: dressing up* and decorating. Also, I haven’t discussed my obsession with cheese spreaders on here yet (picture post to come), but my Halloween cheese spreaders are my FAVORITE.
Anyway, this weekend I’m moving into another new apartment and on the first floor of the place is the living room, dining room, screened-in porch (for drinking pumpkin beer), kitchen and office and upstairs are the two bedrooms. What better way to welcome myself with my new roommate than with this SPOOKY craft for our staircase:

Martha Stewart How-To

*I'm REALLY hoping there are opportunities to dress up this year. I've known what I've wanted to be since about February: Patty Hearst.

You Will Be Mine ...

... Oh yes, you will be mine.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

… and what a birthday it was

When you reach into your purse the morning after your birthday party to pay the kind woman at Dunkin Donuts for hangover breakfast #1 and you pull this out:
You know it was a good night.

Last night was seriously wonderful. I had this terrible anxiety leading up to the party that no one would come: I’m just the (kinda) new girl, it’s raining like crazy, I’m making some people travel to my party, etc. And now, I want to grab that neuroses by the ears and tell it to go away because that was NOT the case at all. I’m SO lucky to have such amazing friends that “get” me (see above image).
We went to Redbones in Somerville and they were having a free appetizer night, so we were already off to a good start with free ribs and my favorite food group: hushpuppies. Friends were trickling in through the night, and we drank beers. Boy, did we drink beers. Troegs Brewery was being featured and I’m confident that our little party was responsible for tapping several of those kegs. All I drank was Troegs #32 and they quickly ran out of that. And then Troegs #29 was my next choice – out of that pretty fast too. And, then there was the sippy-cup-sized shots of Southern Comfort I consumed at the END of the night – not my best idea, but hey, it’s my goddamn birthday, ok?
A few other highlights: my friend Sarah and I in the bathroom together applying a temporary tattoo of man that looks like WB Mason to my (cough) bicep, I made delicious cupcakes that kept attracting strangers over because they were so cute (or because they thought they were a free appetizer. Whatever.), seeing a few different groups of friends talking to each other (I REALLY love seeing people come together/make new connections), and most of all: our awesome waitress Deb bringing over a plate of whipped cream with candles in it and all my friends singing to me. I’m seriously guilty of being a happy crier, and I’m just glad I could keep it together for a few minutes so as not to embarrass myself. I felt really loved, and I’m so grateful for my friends here, back in NY and scattered in all the other places I’ve ever lived. It’s been a rough week for me (won’t get into THAT), but last night made all that other noise go away.
What won’t go away right now is my headache, not even what my friend Jason calls a “fantasy shower” helped this morning. (I’ve slightly tweaked his model, but for me, it was a shower with really hot water where I sat in the tub and just let the water hit me in the face for at least 10 minutes. Wasteful but wonderful.) Anyway, I will probably post some pictures (not of the shower, dear god, I don’t want my 5 readers to go to zero readers), but I can’t make any promises because I’m not very good at keeping them when it comes to this internet diary thing.
Up next on I’m having a great life right now: my Ladies Who Munch are coming to visit me this weekend and I can’t WAIT.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party Tips

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. I’m going to a local BBQ place for copious amounts of beer and smoked items. And, while I don’t have a Twitter, I do read some “celebrities’” feeds. One of the best is Andrew WK’s feed. He likes to post party tips, and I hope to have a chance to use one of his most recent ones tomorrow night: PARTY TIP: 1) Get down on your stomach. 2) Put a magazine on your head. 3) Quickly say the word "butterball" over and over.
It may happen.
Lately, I’ve had this streak of being REALLY bold – well, bold by my standards. I’m not sure if it’s heat stroke, or I just don’t CARE what anyone thinks of me because I’m awesome or I’m “coming into my own” (ew) – it doesn’t matter, but it’s all happening.

Also, happiest of happy birthdays TODAY to my beautiful friend Lillie.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I May or May Not Have ...

... just signed up for a dance class called Jazz Funk to Tighten the Trunk.